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PIG of the week

Bakri dons another impenetrable disguise
Omar Bakri's best mate, creepy Ken Livingstone caught on Camera
A furtive, dirty Mac Iguana Ken Livingstone, hungrily clutching the latest video release, "caught" as he leaves the Blue Lizard Video Shop in Soho London.

transport for London, extortion and iguanas
We have viewed several of these vile videos in the name of research - We are shocked at the depths these little green bastards will sink - The people who make this filth, and the perverts who watch it should face the full force of the law. Unfortunately, due to a legal loophole, the law is powerless to act. email your protest to:-

We confronted creepy Ken Livingstone on his sick behavior. He smugly droned, " I need the videos to improve my skills as a vivi.. err! I mean animal technician" He added, that when he leaves Politics and returns to the real world. He intends to build on his past experience as an animal technician. Ken aims to specialize in the Sexual dysfunctionality of the post porn gay Iguana.
(Ed. A generous Lottery good causes grant has already been allocated to fund this project)
Animal technician = Vivisectionist Ken worked for 8 years at the Chester Beatty Cancer Research, Institute, London - Monkeys, dogs, rabbit's, rats and mice. (What no kittens .Ed) To be honest, I was taken aback when I discovered this, while reading Kens Bio. I took Animal technician to mean Vets assistant, or maybe something to do with Pet shops. How naïve of me. Ken was the man that put the catheters into the monkeys eyes. Forced the cigarettes into the Beagles mouth. Exposed the live monkeys brain. Maybe doing this for a few months could be justified, especially if you are thick Trotskyite - but 8 years No! No! something is not right here.. The Iguana thing, was supposed to be a joke relating to Kens fascination with newts. Now we feel a chill running down our spines. The whimpering of those pups, the poor little chimps, crying in the night for their mums, and all the while Ken worked happily away for 8 years. Kens callous wholesale slaughter of the little pigeons now falls into perspective.. He f**ing well enjoys it - We are now scared..
.(Ed. Calm down, Trafalgar square is a much nicer place without the pigeons. That is apart from the traffic lights that are on green, for only seven seconds)

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About this Website

This website came into existence on 05 February 2004 - 5pm GMT

Your editor spent most of this night, venting his spleen, in a spontaneous, and manic outpouring, that went on till the early hours.

This websites purpose
To fight back against extortion.
To keep the car driver informed about the law, and latest legal developments.
To publish your grievance and experiences.
To unmask the faceless beurocrats, behind this out of control extortion machine.
To start a campaign of civil disobedience. To publish every trick known, for:
Removing clamps,
obstructing the tow truck,
Deactivation of meters &
Ticket machines
Destruction of speed cameras
Lastly, to try & restore a balance of sanity and fairness in the way the motorists is treated by the state, the police, and local authorities.

Personally: A conduit for all the anger that has been rising up in me of late. For what I see as the betrayal of the great silent majority in this country & great city of ours, dare I say it in the political correct mad house that "England" has become.




Hello Extortion For London, I'm writing to express my view that the 100 fine for driving in a bus lane in london is extortionate and unfairly administered. A couple of weeks ago I went into a bus lane to turn left. I hadn't realised it was a bus lane until I was in it, I thought it was the lane for turning left. I've only had my licensce for a couple of months and It was my first time driving in London. There were no buses anywhere, it was a Sunday, and I was in the lane for about 10 seconds. When I came back from holiday a week later I was shocked to discover that my brief mistake was to be punished by a 100 fine. I don't think I caused 100 worth of disruption to London transport. I realise that I made a mistake and having passed my test I should be able to recognise a bus lane and stay out of it. I also agree that people shouldn't park in bus lanes or deliberately ignore them to overtake moving traffic. However the fine in this case is extortionate. It feels like some sort of economic retribution except I haven't caused any harm to anyone whatsoever. I don't believe I deserve to be punished so spitefully. I earn 203 per week after tax for my full time job and 100 is half the value of my car. Not only is the fine extortionate but the administration is unfair. I elected to pay my fine over the phone and naturally I wanted to know what the excemptions were before paying up. I was dismayed to find out that it was an automated service. How was I going to ask my questions? I spoke to an operator (Sema) and asked her what the exeptions were as I couldn't belive that the rights of appeal listed in the letter I recieved were the only grounds of appeal. She couldn't tell me. She kept me on hold then said that only exceptional circumstances such as making way for an emergency vehical were valid exemptions. Having looked at your website I informed her that picking up and setting down passengers was excempt. She put me on hold and then told me that was not the case. I asked her if there was somewhere I could get a list of exceptions. She gave me a web address that did not work and then the email adress TSO customer services. I asked her if she got many complaints about the Bus Lane fines. She said yes and laughed nervously. This poor administraion means that people must be paying fines when they shouldn't. What if you swerved to avoid a motorbike and put a wheel in the bus lane? You'd recieve the letter with the fine. The letter suggests that this a strict liability crime and you have no defence unless it wasn't your car or it was stolen. So you might pay the fine without realising that your situation is excempt. The fact that you have to pay within 14 days to reduce the fine means that people are forced to pay quickly before they've had time to find out that they may not have to pay the fine at all. I want to know where the money from all these fines actually goes. Imogen Bayfield Tunbridge wells Kent

Another grubby scam 090 premium numbers
Battle of Trafalgar 200
Zenith watches online



SAVE £3000 per year...
Now if you where a failed asylum seeker, as in the case outlined below. You could save a minimum of £3000 a year, just buy an car at an auction for £250. Buy one with some tax, as you are less likely get stopped by the Police. I have seen cars regularly at Surrey quays auction for that kind of cash. Drive it for 6/12 months, yes! yes!, the bus lane "zoom", speed cameras, Ha! Ha! parking fees "Never" (though beware of the clamp, and carry an angle grinder). Don't mind if you get disqualified a couple of times, because you don't have a license to loose, and you have a back up fake passport, so don't pay the fine, just change ID's. When the car is falling apart, speed down the road and run a child over, leave them in the road to die, and get 3 months in prison, private room, TV. Out in 6 weeks, if you behave.(True story).
Is it just me, or are we all going f**ing crazy ? -
Your say - email the:

The Ken Livingstone Interview

Letter from America
I inadvertently got 3 Congestion Fines while visiting London from the US in January. The car hire company, Hertz, generously added a 30 pound "admin fee" + Vat, and deducted the entire amount off my credit card - almost 500 US dollars - without telling me! Many people I talk to here in the US are becoming aware of London's new business un-friendly attitude, and are choosing to stay away, or do business elsewhere. This kind of approach does not sit well with visitors who are trying to bring business and revenue to London! And it won't help the 2012 Olympic campaign either Can someone tell me how I can appeal these fines? Many thanks

We are waiting for the extortion camera to go up on the Surrey Quays one way system. The main junction heading south is nigh on impossible to cross at busy times without stopping inthe dreaded yellow box. This permanent traffic jam is artificialy created by the ridiculously wide bus lane that leaves just one lane for cars as three busy lanes merge into one. Surprise surprise, a permanent traffic jam and a clogged box junction. Beware all drivers that use this junction, an extortion camera will arive any day now.

Transport for london

Coming soon the Ken Livingstone interview - "fingers crossed and off the record" on his new political party MUSKIP
Our roving reporter Andy Quilpole will be interviewing Ken at a secrete London venue this week

Read online CN comments and leave your own anti TfL vitriol most welcome
Warning - Bus lane cameras are Dramatically increasing over the whole of London - This is the latest, nasty little extortion "scam" from Transport for London and your local council..
Have your say - displayed online for eternity - we will also publish the best parking or bus fine letters to our letters page..

We recomend the above domain registration service - no hidden extras, for a years registration and domain hosting, web diversion + free email brilliant...
Your Extortion comment
Fight! Appeal!

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Ken Livingstone Dalek Proof
Sanity in a sea of madness
Nasty Ken Livingstone has been drawn into a row over his congestion-causing road policies after Barnet council started ripping up speed humps and doing away with bus lanes. Traffic now moves smoothly through Barnet, where before it was gridlock..

Barnet's initiative to tackle congestion by speeding up traffic and getting rid of restrictions is being closely watched by other authorities. Enfield and Kensinton have started getting rid of the congestion causing Bus Lanes.

But the Loony London Mayor has described the moves as "ill thought out, reckless and dangerous".

Spiteful Autocratic Ken

has instructed his gnomes at Transport for London (TfL) to find ways of blocking the £8million the body gives the north London council every year.(Barnet)

The Independent (London, England); 12/28/2002; Waugh, Paul -
London is choked with wheeled traffic, its residents upset at a network of turnpikes and the high fees charged for using them. People look to their Mayor for a solution, but find only "a vain, prating, bragging bufflehead... a coxcomb".
Is Ken a Dalek? - yes, we have the proof. Soon
Is new county hall, a Gold fish bowl? yes, we have the proof. Soon
Are car drivers stupid? yes, we have the proof
Is the law an ass - bloody right, we don't need proof, just watch the insanity on the news, and read it in the papers.
Are the majority of judges clinically insane? yes, we have the proof.


Kiley's wife penalised
12 February 2004
The wife of London's transport commissioner Bob Kiley has fallen victim to the congestion charge, it emerged today.

Rhona Kiley experienced serious problems when she tried to settle a penalty fine for failing to pay the £5 charge.

She had to make about seven calls to the call centre run by Capita, the firm that administers the scheme for Transport for London, headed by Mr. Kiley.

Mrs Kiley, who works for business lobby group London First, said the automated phone system did not accept payment. She finally paid the £40 penalty - reduced from £80 for early settlement - by getting through to a call centre operator.

Her difficulties were revealed to councilors by Mr. Kiley at a meeting to discuss the charge.

There are thousands of stories just like the one above. There are many a lot, lot worse. Justice & fairness is truly dead.

editors note on Freds corner. Freds views, and campaigns are his own. We have no input or control over the content of his webpages.

Freds Corner

Sinister development
I would like to hear from any disgruntled car drivers, (anonymous)who have access to numbers, names and address's of the parking managers of the London Boroughs. I will publish their names & address and start a campaign against these leading Extortion operatives.
Email More



You may thing this direct action is extreme - maybe it is. But to any car owner that has experience of the bailiffs at the front door demanding £500 for a £40 PCN - had a car towed away to be sold at auction for a fraction of its value. This action is simply self defense - A quote from a lady who suffered a clamping, for what was an emergency for her sick child - After paying a £140 release fee " I feel like I have been mugged"

Fight back

  Transport for london

Coming soon the Ken Livingstone interview - "fingers crossed and off the record" on his new political party MUSKIP
Our roving reporter Andy Quilpole will be interviewing Ken at a secrete London venue this week




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