Car wheel Clamp removal..

This will depend on the type of clamp, some can be removed with simple brute force, others are more tricky. Over the years the car wheel clamps have improved greatly. Though the weak link is still the chain at the weld point, any non case hardened bolts, and the actual locking device, this could be a padlock or a lock that is an integral part of the clamp, they still need a key to lock them, this keyhole can be drilled out with a decent cordless drill and a good quality hardened drill bit 5,6,7,8mm . When drilling have the drill "Hammer" action turned off.

Try the technique of letting air out of the tyre until its nearly flat, but still safe to drive,(carry a foot or electric pump)try bending back the brackets on the wheel clamp. It is worth noting that not all clamps are made from hardened steel and the bars can also sometimes be cut through.

A couple of useful things to carry in the boot. Lump hammer, cordless drill, tyre pump, hacksaw, crow bar and heavy duty chisle.. And lastly - If stopped by the police late at night, a good excuse for carry all this..If you are a builder then a petrol powerd angle grinder will do the trick.


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