I have heard so many hard luck, horror, and unberleivable real life stories about clamping (The Denver boot). I though I should have a good look at the law, as its only a mater of time before I get "done". Surprisingly the law is weak, "vague" on clamping, and a determined appeal, or defense will often be won by the car owner. (see the law section)

As each day goes by, our beloved local councils craving for the free cash that PCN and clamping brings in, grows. They cant survive without it, their spendthrift ways, would not be tolerated by the rate payers. Rates(Tax) in some London boroughs would need to be increased by 30% if the profit from cars was lost, or reduced dramatically.

As the car owner becomes more careful, the councils, their clampers, and wardens become more desperate, cunning, cheating weasels. They wait by meters, they lurk in the shadows, waiting for the unwary driver to make that little slip up, 3 minutes late, tough!. That's all it takes for the extortion cogs to start turning; 15 minutes and the clamp goes on; 30 minutes and the tow truck arrives;£100, £200, £300, the bailiff £500. Don't get me wrong, I am all for selfish parkers to get a ticket, but legal extortion is running wild in London, and the rest of the UK, it is out of control. Its time to fight back.

1st and foremost the law and appeals process, a surprisingly large number of appeals are won (70%)by the driver who takes the time to make a stand.

2nd civil disobedience - How - every time a driver is towed, why not hand cuff to the tow truck, lie down in the road, make a bloody great fuss, if enough of us do it, the whole system would collapse.

3rd Direct action. There are ways to remove clamps, some violent, some subtle, it can be done relatively easily(look at our law section on this). How

We are going to include a detailed section on the various methods, when the website is hosted in the US, or Cayman islands - it is now!..