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About this Website

This website came into existence on 05 February 2004 - 5pm GMT

Your editor spent most of this night, venting his spleen, in a spontaneous, and manic outpouring, that went on till the early hours.

This websites purpose
To fight back against extortion.
To keep the car driver informed about the law, and latest legal developments.
To publish your grievance and experiences.
To unmask the faceless beaurocrats, behind this out of control extortion machine.
To start a campaign of civil disobedience. To publish every trick known, for:
Removing clamps,
obstructing the tow truck,
Deactivation of meters &
Ticket machines
Destruction of speed cameras
Lastly, to try & restore a balance of sanity and fairness in the way the motorists is treated by the state, the police, and local authorities.

Personaly: A conduet for all the anger that has been rising up in me of late. For what I see as the betrayal of the great silent majority in this country & great city of ours, dare I say it in the political correct mad house that "England" has become.



Respect "None"

Car hating Ken Livingstone DOB 17/06/1945 - never passed his driving test -never driven a car, maybe never wanted to. In my world, that alone makes Ken a reject & weirdo. What kind of teens did he have, attending meetings of the communist party "Trotskyite", distributing leaflets, extolling the USSR and the dream of a socialist Utopia in Britain. Hanging out with the IRA and Gerry Adams.
Previous Occupation: Animal Technician "vivisection"

I passed my test at 18, in 1967 - The liberation, the freedom driving bestowed on me, was a wonderful thing. I lived on the Isle of dogs, working class - the small row of seven terraced houses went from one car in 1956 to every house had at least one car by 1968. The young men of the street worked hard, and bought cars, bought better cars, and bigger wheels. Days at the coast, steamy nights in the back seat. The car has always been an integral part of my life. I still drive to the coast "Bournemouth" on summer weekends. Though not had a steamy night in the back seat since 2000. Little Reading, a view point near Harrow, highly recommended, vehicle Lexus GS 300 , definitely an improvement over the Ford Anglia.

................Freak Show...............

I wonder where Ken went for his teenage "petting" I wonder how he made it to the coast. He didn't have the luxury of a 105E (Ford Anglia), and probably didn't have a girl friend to fondle in the back seat. Shame really, to dull to drive, let alone pass his test, to weird to get a girl. So he turned his bitterness to torturing animals, politics, the car, and you, the car driver.
A life long hate, for what he could never have. Here we are, 2004 and a f**ing freak show is now running this great city. He had no choice really, other than to become the Mayor. It is the only way he can afford to travel every where in a taxi, the only way he would ever get a girl friend.

..............Plan "B"...................
Your editor has seriously thought about topping Ken , but is he worth going to jail for, err! what 8 years, is that really all you get now for "Life". Well maybe if this website doesn't satisfy my anger at the current injustice of the war on car owners, then maybe plan "B" it is. Methods to


A few simple tips on how to avoid paying the Bailiffs.
Don't answer the door - they cant break in or enter without your permission, unless they have a forced entry court order, and this is very rarely given. If you do answer the door, don't let them in, and say you rent the property fully furnished, any items of value, state they belong to the landlord, or relative. The bailiff can only remove items that they can prove belong to you. Be firm on this, they wont waist time on you, as they will have easier fish to fry.

If you have a car outside registered in your name, then you are F***cked. Why not register the car in your name, at a relatives address, only down side of this, if you make a claim on the insurance, they will try and worm out of paying "material fact". The way round this, tell the insurance CO you can't find the registration paper. Send it in to the DVLA and get the address changed back to match what's on your Insurance cover note and driving Licence. As the name stays the same, the keepers details will be OK, they will be dated from when you first registered the car, and not when you changed the address. So the insurance company will never know - Simple but true. On the downside, your relative will be pissed off that the bailiffs have been calling. You could use a PO box, or mail box rental. Depends how many tickets you get. I am carfull, but still managed a bus lane PCN, and late congestion charge this month, so I am £85 down. Once box junction are being enforced its going to become almost imposible to avoid regulare fines. So my vehicles are now registered with a shelf Limited Co, at an Accommodation address.
We are looking into setting up a network of companies with insurance and shares for members. Interested ?.

Email -

How it would work - the registered keeper would be **** limited at *** address - any fines would be sent to this company - we would automatically appeal - 70% of appeals are successful, if this fails we will give them the run around, and when the company gets to hot - we will close it -and move the vehicle registrations over to a new company, at a different address. "End of story". We would include 3 late congestion and 5 PCN's - plus 1 speed camera the annual fee TBA but less than one parking fine.
The insurance would be at cost, and we might even save you on your existing insurance. The pitfalls? - if you have a new car, then you don't want lots of owners on the log book - so new or low owner cars, will use the same company name, we will just change the address at regular Intervals. Like I said we are seriously looking into this, the legality, the drawbacks. Please email your thoughts, or if you prefer anonymous use our "Yoursay" page.

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The Independent (London, England); 12/28/2002; Waugh, Paul -
London is choked with wheeled traffic, its residents upset at a network of turnpikes and the high fees charged for using them. People look to their Mayor for a solution, but find only "a vain, prating, bragging bufflehead... a coxcomb".

Is Ken a Dalek? -
yes, we have the proof.
Is new county hall, a Gold fish bowl? yes, we have the proof. Soon
Are car drivers stupid? yes, we have the proof

Is the law an ass - bloody right, we dont need proof, just watch the insanity on the news, and in the papers.

Are the majority of judges clinically insane? yes, we have the proof.


Kiley's wife penalised
12 February 2004
The wife of London's transport commissioner Bob Kiley has fallen victim to the congestion charge, it emerged today.

Rhona Kiley experienced serious problems when she tried to settle a penalty fine for failing to pay the £5 charge.

She had to make about seven calls to the call centre run by Capita, the firm that administers the scheme for Transport for London, headed by Mr Kiley.

Mrs Kiley, who works for business lobby group London First, said the automated phone system did not accept payment. She finally paid the £40 penalty - reduced from £80 for early settlement - by getting through to a call centre operator.

Her difficulties were revealed to councillors by Mr Kiley at a meeting to discuss the charge.

editors note on Freds corner. Freds views, and campaigns are is own. We have no input or control over the content of his webpages.

Freds Corner

Sinister development
I wouldlike to hear from any disgruntled car drivers, (anonymous)who have access to numbers, names and address's of the parking managers of London Boroughs. I will publish their names & address and start a "Nasty" campaign against these leading Extortion operatives.
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More coming soon