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PIG of the week

Bakri dons another impenetrable disguise.
We haven't heard much from this ugly mother fucker for a while, maybe he has slipped back into the UK to pick up his Ford Galaxy, that was so kindly supplied by disability mobility. One thing these scumy fundamentalist are very good at, is milking the UK state benefit system, siigh!.
Why not deport Bakri's family out of the UK, his 8 children and wife are a huge burden on the overloaded benefits system. We owe him and them nothing. He still preaches hate towards Britain from his Lebanese hideout. No doubt we are still supoorting him financialy, as he still has access to his wifes benifit. has anyone thought to check the bank statements, they have VISA cash machines in Lebanon.

One of Omar Bakris long term friends, creepy Ken Livingstone caught on Camera
A furtive, dirty Mac Iguana Ken Livingstone, hungrily clutching the latest video release, "caught" as he leaves the Blue Lizard Video Shop in Soho London.

transport for London, extortion and iguanas
We have viewed several of these vile videos in the name of research - We are shocked at the depths these little green bastards will sink - The people who make this filth, and the perverts who watch it should face the full force of the law. Unfortunately, due to a legal loophole, the law is powerless to act. email your protest to:-

We confronted creepy Ken Livingstone on his sick behavior. He smugly droned, " I need the videos to improve my skills as a vivi.. err! I mean animal technician" He added, that when he leaves Politics and returns to the real world. He intends to build on his past experience as an animal technician. Ken aims to specialize in the Sexual dysfunctionality of the post porn gay Iguana.
(Ed. A generous Lottery good causes grant has already been allocated to fund this project)
Animal technician = Vivisectionist Ken worked for 8 years at the Chester Beatty Cancer Research, Institute, London - Monkeys, dogs, rabbit's, rats and mice. (What no kittens .Ed) To be honest, I was taken aback when I discovered this, while reading Kens Bio. I took Animal technician to mean Vets assistant, or maybe something to do with Pet shops. How naïve of me. Ken was the man that put the catheters into the monkeys eyes. Forced the cigarettes into the Beagles mouth. Exposed the live monkeys brain. Maybe doing this for a few months could be justified, especially if you are thick Trotskyite - but 8 years No! No! something is not right here.. The Iguana thing, was supposed to be a joke relating to Kens fascination with newts. Now we feel a chill running down our spines. The whimpering of those pups, the poor little chimps, crying in the night for their mums, and all the while Ken worked happily away for 8 years. Kens callous wholesale slaughter of the little pigeons now falls into perspective.. He f**ing well enjoys it - We are now scared..
.(Ed. Calm down, Trafalgar square is a much nicer place without the pigeons. That is apart from the traffic lights that are on green, for only seven seconds)

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About this Website

This website came into existence on 05 February 2004 - 5pm GMT

Your editor spent most of this night, venting his spleen, in a spontaneous, and manic outpouring, that went on till the early hours.

This websites purpose
To fight back against extortion.
To keep the car driver informed about the law, and latest legal developments.
To publish your grievance and experiences.
To unmask the faceless beurocrats, behind this out of control extortion machine.
To start a campaign of civil disobedience. To publish every trick known, for:
Removing clamps,
obstructing the tow truck,
Deactivation of meters &
Ticket machines
Destruction of speed cameras
Lastly, to try & restore a balance of sanity and fairness in the way the motorists is treated by the state, the police, and local authorities.

Personally: A conduit for all the anger that has been rising up in me of late. For what I see as the betrayal of the great silent majority in this country & great city of ours, dare I say it in the political correct mad house that "England" has become.

Letter to
I recently got a bus lane fine which I wanted to appeal until I was informed by London Borough of Brent that the fine would go up from £50 to £100 if I lost my case. This I feel needs reviewing as lower income families and pensioners should be given the chance to appeal without the threat of added fines.



The Latest parking news is not good congestion charge up to £8 in July, I have a feeling this will backfire on TfL and they will end up with an empty London and reduced revenue - on occasion I can just about stomach the £5 (I can't ed)- no way am I paying £8..

Parking fines in the UK (outside London) have doubled to 2.1 Million per year - surprisingly that's still less than half the number issued in London last year alone - the extortion machine continues unabated.
Victory for Iguana Ken Livingstone
As predicted Ken and his anti car policies have polarized London into two camps, the 800,000 that voted for Ken Livingstone & the 1.2 Million that voted against him. In an election that less that 40% voted. So Ken Livingstone is back in power - elected by less than 20% of Londoners - that's democracy folks!.. Ken Livingstone will continue with his blinkered one dimensional policies until London is in ruins.
Apathy wins!
"Get on yer Bike" The editor of this website has taken to two wheels, the pedal type, and joined the new elite- He says "what a joy to travel in the empty bus lanes, I smugly observe the tragic entities, calmly waiting in long lines of traffic, their obsolete tin boxes daring to pollute the vary air I breath. I wave an angry fist, but they gaze, unseeing, zombie like, spirits broken" Ed - joking apart - on a sunny day, it aint that bad - I don't stop at red lights, I can ride on the pavement, it cost virtually nowt - Just hope I don't become as aggressive, as the tossers on push bikes that are Occasionally seen in London's Empty Bus lanes. I am also surprised that the majority of car drivers give me a plenty of room, only occasionally do I don the cloak of invisibility, then I am dangerously cut up, I just smile, surprisingly the driver usually smiles back, and mouths sorry. Now there's a thought!

A warning to all drivers As you become more careful and cowed - The PCN extortion machine becomes ever more desperate to get its hands on your cash - No matter how careful you are, how law abiding - you will get a PCN at some point this year - Fight! Appeal!
Speed camera blown up "there is hope"
The last of five speed cameras on the A37 from Bath to wells in Somerset was blown up using dynamite. The others where attacked with an angle grinder or set alight. The blast, which happened on Sunday near Emborough village, is an escalation of action against Avon and Somerset and Gloucestershire, safety camera Partnership. Twelve of its 50 £40,000 Gatso cameras have been destroyed since may 2003..

......Respect "None" Ken Livingstone DOB 17/06/1945 - Is leading the extortion machine against the car owner - never passed his driving test -never driven a car, maybe never wanted to. Though I expect he tried at some point and found he was hopeless. What kind of teens did Ken have. Mostly attending meetings of the SWP, communist party Trotskyite Marxist - -distributing leaflets, extolling the USSR and the dream of a socialist Utopia in Britain. Well no!, he does use the resources of these groups, the rather thick, idealists to do his running, they are Kens foot soldiers. Fools!
More Sigh!
<<<<Oh! and the Animals
As a Londoner - I feel very embarrassed and worried that our elected Mayor is such a opportunist, little tosser. The long term fallout the City will suffer is yet to be revealed. But I am sure that the fools that voted for him, and the fools that will vote for him at the next election will quickly forget that the ever did. The dull leading the dull.
.......How others see Ken

"The success Ken has had in hoodwinking many good, sound, people into thinking he is some sort of reasonable human being is astounding."

"Mayor Livingstone's opinions about the United States are a matter of complete indifference to the American embassy, the American government and the American people."

"He's a dodgy politician, an opportunist. He's got his own agenda." [Bernie Grant, former ally of Livingstone]

"It was because he was left outside that he established an alternative agenda. There was nowhere else for him to go". [Margaret Hodge, Labour minister]

"You know he would exploit it and it would end in grief and there was no point in doing it". [Neil Kinnock on why he did not give Livingstone a job]

.............To Late
"I don't see why London has to suffer because he hasn't fulfilled his ambition to be party leader." [Brian Sedgemore, Labour MP]

"A few people, a few left-wingers, some of them Trotskyite - not Ken, he never had the ideological commitment to be a Trotskyite - they met together, they decided a common line. They then got into larger groups and decided a common line. They then got into the Greater London Labour party and by having a common line they often outvoted the trade unions and more moderate people."

But Mr. Kinnock exempts Mr. Livingstone from the charge of being a Trotskyist. "He's a Kennist. He really is. 'Red Ken' was always a bit of a joke. I don't think he's even a Red."




Letters on free speech and Islam

Members of the Dutch parliament live under police protection for criticizing Islam. Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered for producing a film about the mistreatment of women under Islam.
Now there are attacks on individuals and assaults on diplomatic missions. Protesters in London, of all places, hold placards referring to Europe as a ''cancer,'' calling for the deaths of those who offend Islam.
How much longer are we supposed to believe that this is a religion of peace?

Those of us lacking a strong faith are always beset by doubts and uncertainties; vulnerable to the criticisms and mockery of others. But people within an organized religion are not so vulnerable. They have the certainty and comfort of their beliefs and should not care, let alone feel threatened by, what others think or say. Their faith is their rock.
So why then this outcry from the Muslim world concerning a few cartoons? Can their sense of faith be so fragile that it is threatened by the casual acts of distant heathens?
There are plenty of cartoons depicting popes and rabbis unflatteringly. Christ himself, on a crucifix immersed in a flask of urine, was on exhibit in an art gallery -- and yet the Christian and Jewish faiths continue to thrive.
The photographs of Muslims protesting the Danish cartoons were shocking in their expression of raw violence and hatred for the West. In the name of this religion we have had murders and decapitations on video, suicide bombs on trains and buses and the horror of 9/11. All these atrocities are committed proudly in the name of Islam. And yet we are supposed to feel outrage because of some cartoons depicting the Prophet of Islam?

Anyone who reads Arab newspapers sees cartoons depicting Jews and other groups in the most grotesque ways. Rabbis are depicted as people with blood dripping off fangs. No one seems too upset about those depictions, and no one has been killed over these offensive cartoons. Democracy in the Middle East? Please.
Don't print a cartoon because it offends some religious belief that is protected by the First Amendment? What next -- don't do any anti-gun cartoons because it deeply offends the sensibilities of the National Rifle Association, which thinks it has its own constitutional amendment?
SAM FIELDS, Plantation
It's obvious that the protesters' goal is to silence any criticism of them or their religion so that they can continue to use our freedoms and sensitivities in their war against the West and its civilized ways.
AIMEE STEIN, Miami Beach
Print the cartoons. Do it now while fatwa departments everywhere are overloaded. Or do it because it's fundamentally important to a free society and a free press not to be censored. Or do it because it's most definitely news, and your readers want to see what all the fuss is about.
Print the cartoons. It's important.
DAN MCCREA, South Miami
I can't help but be puzzled as to what message the Islamic world is sending. That the caricatures of Mohammed could possibly offend some followers of Islam is a given. But civilized persons must make allowances even within the scope of religious worship and belief.
The basic freedom to have different, maybe provocative, views is the bedrock of a free and just society. The problem starts when, on one hand, leaders of Islam proclaim on religious grounds that a sovereign country and its people should be destroyed. However, when they encourage deaths of people of other faiths this contradicts the proclamations of peace and tolerance espoused by Islam's apologists and practitioners.
Those who carry out violent repudiation against those of other religions or defend such behavior disgrace themselves in the eyes of God -- no matter the God to whom you genuflect.


A noble young Muslim, so incensed by the evil cartoon of Muhammed, dresses as a suicide bomber, and joins the hate fuelled protest outside the Danish embassy in central London. It turns out, he is a convicted heroin dealer, free on licence after serving 2 years of a 5 year sentence. Now he is back in prison for a couple of months. He fits the profile of Richard Reed, and Zacarias Moussaoui - both recruited in UK prisons, by fundamentalist fanatics, hell bent on mass murder.

A lost soul?, a little on the dull side?, looking for a purpose in life?. No doubt when he is released, he will at some point don a real explosive jacket, and take a short tube ride, or maybe fly somewhere nice with shoes filled with non detectable explosives. Lets face it, 70 virgins must be looking pretty good compared to the mess his life is in right now.
We have to accept, that this new threat from a growing group of young lost souls, is nothing to do with Islam, or Muhammed. Its a Death Cult, plain and simple, as old as history its self. If all Muslims, and the Western world don't wake up, this new Death Cult will continue to fester and spread like the cancer it is..

Most UK prisons, now indulge the growing Muslim inmate population, special food, prayer, and meeting rooms. The Islamic fanatics openly recruit and brainwash new members into this exclusive brotherhood "Death Cult". Membership offers the new "brother" protection and a sense of belonging. The prison authorities indulge this cult, as it keeps the inmates out of trouble while locked up. H.M.P. are unconcerned about the future misery these losers will cause when they unleash their resentment on main stream society.

This short sighted stupidity has to stop NOW. The prison system has an opportunity to save these young souls, not assist in the process that will lose them forever.


."The War is on"

The Danish cartoon affair "Yesterday (2nd Feb Mullah Krekar, the alleged leader of the Islamist group Ansar al-Islam who has been living in Norway as a refugee since 1991, said that the publication of the Muhammad cartoons was a declaration of war. “The war has begun,” he told Norwegian journalists. Mr Krekar said Muslims in Norway are preparing to fight. It does not matter if the governments of Norway and Denmark apologize, the war is on.
Islamist organizations all over the world are issuing threats towards Europeans. The Islamist terrorist group Hizbollah announced that it is preparing suicide attacks in Denmark and Norway. A senior imam in Kuwait, Nazem al-Masbah, said that those who have published cartoons of Muhammad should be murdered. He also threatened all citizens of the countries where the twelve Danish cartoons ... have been published with death."


Your say - email the: or

  The Ken Livingstone Interview  

Letter from America
I inadvertently got 3 Congestion Fines while visiting London from the US in January. The car hire company, Hertz, generously added a 30 pound "admin fee" + Vat, and deducted the entire amount off my credit card - almost 500 US dollars - without telling me! Many people I talk to here in the US are becoming aware of London's new business un-friendly attitude, and are choosing to stay away, or do business elsewhere. This kind of approach does not sit well with visitors who are trying to bring business and revenue to London! And it won't help the 2012 Olympic campaign either Can someone tell me how I can appeal these fines? Many thanks




We are waiting for the extortion camera to go up on the Surrey Quays one way system. The main junction heading south is nigh on impossible to cross at busy times without stopping inthe dreaded yellow box. This permanent traffic jam is artificialy created by the ridiculously wide bus lane that leaves just one lane for cars as three busy lanes merge into one. Surprise surprise, a permanent traffic jam and a clogged box junction. Beware all drivers that use this junction, an extortion camera will arive any day now.

  Transport for london

Coming soon the Ken Livingstone interview - "fingers crossed and off the record" on his new political party MUSKIP
Our roving reporter Andy Quilpole will be interviewing Ken at a secrete London venue this week
Read online CN comments and leave your own anti TfL vitriol most welcome
- Bus lane cameras are Dramatically increasing over the whole of London - This is the latest, nasty little extortion "scam" from Transport for London and your local council..
Have your say - displayed online for eternity - we will also publish the best parking or bus fine letters to our letters page..

We recomend the above domain registration service - no hidden extras, for a years registration and domain hosting, web diversion + free email "brilliant".
Your Extortion comment
Fight! Appeal!

Ken Livingstone

Quick links Coming soon

Ken Livingstone Dalek Proof
Sanity in a sea of madness

Nasty Ken Livingstone has been drawn into a row over his congestion-causing road policies after Barnet council started ripping up speed humps and doing away with bus lanes. Traffic now moves smoothly through Barnet, where before it was gridlock..

Barnet's initiative to tackle congestion by speeding up traffic and getting rid of restrictions is being closely watched by other authorities. Enfield and Kensinton have started getting rid of the congestion causing Bus Lanes.

But the Loony London Mayor has described the moves as "ill thought out, reckless and dangerous".

Spiteful Autocratic Ken

has instructed his Goons at Transport for London (TfL) to find ways of blocking the £8million the body gives the north London council every year.

The Independent (London, England); 12/28/2002; Waugh, Paul -
London is choked with wheeled traffic, its residents upset at a network of turnpikes and the high fees charged for using them. People look to their Mayor for a solution, but find only "a vain, prating, bragging bufflehead... a coxcomb".

Is Ken livingstone a Dalek? -
yes, we have the proof.
Is new county hall, a Gold fish bowl? yes, we have the proof. Soon
Are car drivers stupid? yes, we have the proof

Is the law an ass - bloody right, we don't need proof, just watch the insanity on the news, and read it in the papers.

Are the majority of judges clinically insane? yes, we have the proof.


Kiley's wife penalised
12 February 2004
The wife of London's transport commissioner Bob Kiley has fallen victim to the congestion charge, it emerged today.

Rhona Kiley experienced serious problems when she tried to settle a penalty fine for failing to pay the £5 charge.

She had to make about seven calls to the call centre run by Capita, the firm that administers the scheme for Transport for London, headed by Mr. Kiley.

Mrs Kiley, who works for business lobby group London First, said the automated phone system did not accept payment. She finally paid the £40 penalty - reduced from £80 for early settlement - by getting through to a call centre operator.

Her difficulties were revealed to councilors by Mr. Kiley at a meeting to discuss the charge.

There are thousands of stories just like the one above. There are many a lot, lot worse. Justice & fairness is truly dead.

editors note on Freds corner. Freds views, and campaigns are his own. We have no input or control over the content of his webpages.

Freds Corner

Sinister development
I would like to hear from any disgruntled car drivers, (anonymous)who have access to numbers, names and address's of the parking managers of the London Boroughs. I will publish their names & address and start a campaign against these leading Extortion operatives.
Email More


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