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Rochdale, England 2009 Muslim Gang rape WHY do muslim men rape english girls?

A teenage girl was raped four times by a gang who took pictures of the abuse on their mobile phones.

The 16-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was attacked in the attic room of a house in Rochdale on 28 May 2008.

The girl's mother called her mobile phone after noticing she was missing from their home, only to hear the cries of her daughter on the end of the line.

Her four attackers, aged 17 to 20, pleaded guilty at Bolton Crown Court.

The girl had gone to the house after being called on her mobile.

I am of the view she will never be able to fully recover from the long lasting trauma of these offences
Case expert's opinion

While there she drank Jack Daniels whiskey and was possibly drugged with some form of sleeping medicine before being sexually assaulted, the court heard.

Ajmal Alfridi, 19, raped the girl twice along with Imitaz Syed, 20, and Tayub Hussain, who each raped the girl once.

They will be sentenced at a later date. Virginia Hayton, prosecuting, told the court that Alfridi and Syed sexually assaulted the victim while Mustafa Arshad, 17, took two photos of the abuse on his mobile phone.

At one point, the judge was told, she was unable to move or speak, but could vaguely remember Syed being in the same room as her.

Repeating name

Her mother discovered she was not at their house and was "frantically" calling her mobile phone until it was answered and she could hear "Asian male voices".

"In the background and through those Asian male voices she heard a female voice she recognised as that of her daughter. She was repeating a name," Miss Hayton said.

The mother then left home to look for her daughter and discovered her wandering in a dazed state in the street.

She could not recall what had happened but had bruising on her hip.

A day later she found evidence of the sexual assault and police were called.

The court heard a report from an expert in this type of case, which said: "I am of the view she will never be able to fully recover from the long lasting trauma of these offences."

Indecent photos

Alfridi pleaded guilty to two rapes and sexual assault and Syed admitted rape and sexual assault.

Arshad pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the sexual assault of the girl and taking two indecent photos.

He was sentenced to eight months in a young offenders' institute.

Another man, Mohammed Usman Raja, 20, of Free Trade Street, Rochdale, also pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. He was jailed for six months.

Passing sentence, Judge William Morris told Arshad: "By taking photos you made a permanent record of her being degraded in this way."

Editor: from the names of the perpetrators of this heinous crime we an be sure they are Muslims. The "Teenage Girl" we can be pretty sure she is English, as Muslim youth would not attack one of their own, unless it was done in the name of "honor" if this was the case, it would have been mentioned at the trial.

So it was an aggravated racist attack, a Muslim Gang, drug and rape a young Christian girl, the penalty for this vile crime, a few months in Prison. If this crime had been reversed, a raging Islamic mob would have been on the streets of Rochdale, burning cars and smashing the place up. What do the good English people of Rochadale do, NOWT! I am begining to wonder if England is worth saving...

This page highlights just a few of the many gang rapes that have become common place in Northern towns. It seams that the cloth cap labour voters that once inhabited this area of the UK have all but disappeared, to be replaced by cloth cap muslim labour voters.

Another UK Gang rape on 16 year old english girl

Muslim Rape
Rochdale England 2009

PASSERS-by refused to help a teenage girl who had just been brutally raped by two men, a court heard.
The terrified 17-year-old begged several people to call the police following the vicious attack last July. These included a man walking his dog, a teenager on a bike and an attendant at a Whitworth Road petrol station.
But, despite her obvious distress, all ignored her pleas and she was forced to walk home alone before calling 999 from a phone box.
She had been raped by asylum seekers Mohammed Ali and Alik Madi after being dragged into bushes close to the Lidl supermarket in Spotland Road.
Judge Elliot Knopf said the men had ‘nothing but contempt’ for their victim.

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Bolton Crown Court heard how the girl had been at a party at a friend’s flat and was walking home at about 1am on 5 July when Ali and Madi, both of the same address in Rathbone Street, Newbold, began following her and taunting her.
CCTV footage showed the pair, who, in the hours before the attack, had been drinking vodka and smoking cannabis, following her towards the Dunelm store at Townhead.
Following a brief struggle, where the men forced her to the floor and sexually assaulted her, she ran off towards Spotland Road.
But the pair caught up with her, dragged her into the bushes and pinned her to the ground before taking it in turns to rape her.
The court heard that during the humiliating attack one of the men repeatedly spat on and hurled racist abuse at the girl, a claim denied by the defendants.
Madi, an Algerian and Ali, from Kashmir, were each sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday and placed on the sex offenders’ register for life after earlier pleading guilty to rape.
The pair claimed to be 18 years old but there are no official records to back this up.
During a police interview the garage attendant said he refused to help because company policy barred staff from allowing customers into the shop at night.
In a statement read out in court the victim described how the attack had turned her from a ‘bubbly, carefree’ person into someone who was scared to go out of the house alone.
She said: “I tried to forget what happened by drinking. I would drink every day from morning to night.
“I became depressed and thought about taking my own life, but I knew that wasn’t the answer.”
Adam Roxborough, defending Ali, said: “He is ashamed of what he did. Perhaps that is an acceptance of his wrongdoing. He will have chance to reflect on that at length when he is in custody.”"
Ahmed Nadim, defending Madi, said: “He recognises the enormity of his wrongdoing and is aware of the harm he has caused his victim.”
Judge Knopf said the men would be deported at the end of their sentences.
He added: “It is clear that your only purpose and intention was to use and abuse this young woman for your own sexual satisfaction.
“You had nothing but contempt for her and saw her merely as an object to satisfy your lust.
“The question of your ages troubles me greatly, there are a variety of different ages on different records. This is not unusual when dealing with asylum seekers. I propose to sentence you on the basis that at the time of the guilty pleas you were both adults.
“I have serious questions just by looking at you as to whether 18 is your actual age.”
Detective Constable Nick Price said: “Ali and his accomplice are dangerous men, who were out late that night waiting to select whoever they thought would be an easy target for a sex attack.
“The victim in this case was left extremely distressed and traumatised by her ordeal and she may well feel the psychological effects of what she was subjected to for many years to come.”
THE mother of the teenage victim slammed the ‘shameful’ actions of passers-by who refused to come to her aid. Three people ignored the 17-year-old’s pleas to call the police following the brutal attack.
The mother, who has not been named to protect the identity of her daughter, said: “She was really distressed and they all did nothing to help
“All it would have taken was a phone call, but they all refused. They should all be ashamed of themselves.
“They should ask what they would like to have happened if their daughter was in a similar situation, I’m sure they would want someone to help.
“If you see someone in trouble you help, it is just what you do.”
She said her daughter was now trying to get on with her life, adding: “She just wants to put it all behind her and move on.
“But it still affects her. She keeps having nightmares and flashbacks and still won’t leave the house alone.
“She has gone really into herself and does not speak about it much. All I can do is try to be there for her if she does want to talk.”

As is usual, when the Muslims end up in UK Jails, they will be radicalized as an alternative to the looser lives they have been leading to-date. The chances of either of them being deported is "0". Next time it wont be rape, it will be mass murder.
" Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad." This is England and the liberal madness that has its tendrils in to all our hearts and minds. well not quite all.....

Bolton - England - African Gang Rape

10:30am Saturday 5th September 2009

SIX men appeared in court accused of being involved in the alleged gang rape of a woman in Bolton.

The men appeared at Bolton Crown Court yesterday in connection with an alleged gang rape of a 23-year-old woman at a house in Daubhill on Friday, June 19.

Funsho Bello, aged 26, of Athersone, Lower Falinge, Rochdale, has been charged with rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Olatunji Owolabi, aged 28, of Bradbourne Close, Bolton, is charged with rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Afolabi Sanyoalu, aged 29, also of Bradbourne Close, Bolton, is charged with two counts of rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Mozeare Kelvin Chinakwe, aged 26, of Brookhey Avenue, Great Lever, is charged with rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Senthil Venkatachalam, aged 29, of Wigan Road, Deane, is charged with two counts of rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

Ganiyu Conteh, aged 27, of no fixed abode, is charged with conspiracy to commit rape.

The case was adjourned for a plea and case management hearing on November 12. Chinakwe was granted bail. The other five men were remanded in custody.