Racist attack in East London

A race hate victim was left with permanent brain damage after a gang of drunken Asians attacked him for being white, the Old Bailey heard today ,Friday 11th January 2008.

The three convicted defendants had spent the trial laughing and joking with each other in the dock and Sodrul Islam had to be rebuked by the judge when he tried to smuggle his girlfriend into court, claiming she was a 'character witness.'

Three Asian racists who shattered a drinker's skull because he was a white man in a 'no-go' area have were each jailed for 18 years today .

John Payne, 33, is now epileptic following the savage attack at the hands of a group of racist thugs who targeted him as he walked home with friends from a night out.

Sodrul Islam, 23, Delwar Hussain, 21, Mamoon Hussain, 20, tried to beat John Payne to death and left his friend literally holding his head together.

At one point during the attack his friend Jennifer Curren was forced to hold the separate sides of his shattered skull together while the gang continued to rain blows and kicks on their helpless victim.

The senseless violence happened in a car park on the Clichy Estate in Stepney, East London, at around 11.30pm on April 6 last year.

Mr Payne was walking home from the nearby Thomas Neil pub with Ms Curran, her brother Denny Curram, Paul Whitehorn and Sarah O'Leary.

Prosecutor John Price said: 'They were confronted by approximately eight or nine Asian men who began to taunt and abuse them.

Sarah O'Leary lived on the mainly Bangladeshi Clichy Estate in Stepney, east London, and was known to many of the drunken gang who turned on her friend.

They viewed the estate as their 'turf' and eight or nine Asians shouted out a series of insults including 'white honkies' at the five people who had dared to walk through it.

'Some of the abuse which was heard was racist in tone and it seems that this group of five young friends were selected for what was about to happen to them for no other reason that they were of a different ethnic origin.
'For no other reason than that they were white.'.





The court heard how the gang were carrying knives, chair legs and bottles and many had been drinking heavily.

'They were ferociously attacked by this group of young men and others began to join in from the neighbouring houses.

'Many of these men were armed with weapons and in particular one man was carrying with him an axe or a sword. This man used it to strike John Payne on the top of his head,' said the prosecutor.

Mr Payne collapsed to the ground, the court heard, but the attack continued even as he lay clearly helpless and motionless on the pavement.

And as his friends rushed to his aid, they were also beaten, the court heard.

Mr Price said: 'Jennifer Curran went to help him. She could see that he was bleeding profusely from the gaping wound in his head. His body was shaking and trembling

'She bent down beside him and put her hands on the side of his head in an attempt to hold his head together in one piece.

'Meanwhile as she was doing this the young men continued to kick, stamp and attempt to punch the victim as he lay on the floor.'

Denny Curran was also badly injured in the attack from a brutal blow to the back of his head and Ms Curran was beaten.

The court heard how Ms Curran felt Mr Payne go limp and thought he had died. But he later regained consciousness.

By the time Mr Payne arrived at the Royal London Hospital he was already exhibiting signs of brain damage, with slurred speech and loss of feeling in the right side of the body.

A scan revealed he had suffered a severe fracture to the top of his head and bone fragments had penetrated into his brain.

Mr Price said: 'He has developed, as a consequence severe epilepsy and suffered his first seizure in June 2006. He requires constant medication.

'He still cannot lift his right leg up which makes him vulnerable to tripping. The physical consequences are likely to be permanent.

'And he has suffered psychologically, getting nightmares, flashbacks and headaches.'

Johirul Islam, 20, his brother Sudral Islam, 23, Mamoon Hussain, 20, Mizan Ahmed, 22, and Delwar Hussain, 21, are all accused of taking part in the attack.

All five were arrested near the scene, their clothes covered in the victim's blood or the blood of their fellow defendants.

Sudral Islam was spotted by police 40 minutes after the attack and was found to have the blood of Mr Payne and Mr Curran on his trainers.

Delwar Hussain and Johirul Islam had Sudral Islam's blood on his clothes. Mr Price said: 'This indicates clearly the close proximity between these men.'

Mamoon Hussain attempted to flee from police but was caught and scientific evidence revealed blood splatters from Mr Payne, Mr Curran and Sudral Islam on his clothes.

And when Ahmed was arrested a police doctor discovered 'bleeding cuts and swellings on both his hands.'

Sudral and Johirul Islam and Mizan Ahmed of 25 Dogobert House, Smith Street, Stepney,

and Mizan and Delwar Hussain, of 337 Jamaica Street, Stepney, deny attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, wounding with intent and violent disorder.