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It has been noteworthy that in all the continuing controversy about the leaked BNP membership list, much of the focus in the Left-Liberal media has been on the calibre of some of the well-educated, professional people “shockingly exposed” as BNP members. There is indeed a very particular reason why Left-Liberals are so shocked about this.

The archetypal Hampstead Left-Liberal Guardian reader takes great comfort from nurturing his conception of the typical BNP member as an embittered nostalgic who, through social disadvantage or lack of intellect, simply cannot make the mental adjustment necessary to appreciate Diversity and Multiculturalism in the correct way.

Left-Liberal opinion formers find this BNP stereotype reassuring, because it allows them to dream that their own outlook is somehow more enlightened, more sophisticated, or more insightful than ours. So it naturally comes as a profound shock to Mr & Mrs Hampstead Liberal when it is revealed that BNP members can be well-educated professionals, university graduates with first-class degrees, and deep thinkers who are perhaps better read than they are themselves.

The truth is, most people join the BNP, not because they are nostalgic for a better past, but because their solid commonsense and intuitive grasp of history tell them, both that there is good cause for deep concern about the future and that organised British Nationalism offers the only ray of hope.

While Nationalists respect the past and understand what moulds the future, Left-Liberals seem to dwell exclusively in the present moment. The essential decency of their middle-class ethnic friends falsely reassures Left-Liberals that they have nothing to fear from Multiculturalism, and the jumble of ethnic restaurants on their street provides a frisson of culinary excitement, which makes their narrow metropolitan snapshot of today’s Britain seem vibrant, even full of promise.

Left-Liberals fail to understand that the Multicultural Britain of today, with its spice restaurants and rap music, is merely a transient interregnum between the British past, and the future prospect of a white-minority Britain dominated by Islam. For example, how many Left-Liberals are aware that North Africa and Asia Minor were once part of western Christendom, before they fell to Islam by the self-same processes which are working in over-drive here in Britain today?

It is not that Left-Liberals especially admire the cruel and alien creeds whose adherents they so dutifully appease. If they did, presumably Hampstead and Highgate would be depopulated by a stampede of Left-Liberal cultural emigrants to Hyderabad and Herat. No, the problem is that our elite opinion-formers have no grasp of the sweep of history, no insight into what triggers the rise and fall of civilisations, and no vision to warn them of what Britain is certain to become - if their naive notions prevail.


Left-Liberals seem to lack the cognitive capacity to understand that their own habits of excessive tolerance, and deference to the alien-other are not universal, as they believe, but are all quintessentially products of British culture, which are expressly not shared by many of those who are busy colonising our land. In particular, Left-Liberals have not grasped that when a nation dies, that nation’s culture and institutions always perish with it. When British people finally become an ethnic minority in this land sometime around 2070, and our grip is prised from the levers of power through sheer weight of demography, the values of the Left-Liberal elite will be swept away by the monster they have themselves created.

In recent years, an especially sinister trend has developed. Since 2001, Left-Liberals seem to have lost confidence in many of the core Western values they once shared with Nationalists; a belief in political freedom and free speech, for example, and in the importance of police impartiality. Left-Liberals have been prepared to dispense with these as the price they must pay to shore up Diversity and Multiculturalism, to the extent that Left-Liberalism is now strangely mutating into Left-Fascism. There is more than a suspicion that the sheer vehemence and intolerance of the Left-Liberal Establishment crusade against the BNP is stoked by Left-Liberals’ own deep-seated and unacknowledged fear that perhaps our Nationalist analysis has been right all along.

So Left-Liberals will continue to be “shocked” whenever Nationalists fail to conform to their stereotype and they will surely continue to revile the BNP, even as our well-grounded predictions turn into reality one-by-one. We must not blame Left-Liberals too much for this. After all, nothing is more shocking than being woken from a dream and no-one is more reviled than he who dares tell the inconvenient truth