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Faith Freedom International is a grassroots movement of those who asked prohibited questions and on that account lost their faith.  We came to see that Islam is a hoax, an imperialistic ideology, disguised as religion, invented by a narcissist for his own personal gains. 

We found out that Muhammad was a conman, a ventriloquist who projected his own words into his imaginary dummy deity to fool the gullible. With a promise of a carnal and orgiastic paradise  (just for men) and threat of hell he goaded his foolhardy followers to raid  and slay innocent people under pretext that they were infidels. He and his merry band of terrorists looted villages and cities, raped the women, and enslaved all who were not killed outright.

To this day, Muslim jihadis are following the footsteps of their prophet who bragged, "I have been made victorious with terror" .  No other cause is responsible for more deaths than Islam.  Our goal is to expose this religion of terror and warn of its danger. We also want to help Muslims see the absurdity of it, end their "us" vs. "them" ethos and embrace the human race in amity. No one is their enemy; it is they who are the enemy to everyone else. We strive for the unity of mankind through the elimination of Islam, the most insidious doctrine of hate. Humanity is one. Let not charlatans like Hitler and Muhammad divide us with their big lies.

Islam can't be reformed, but it can be eradicated. It can't be molded, but it can be smashed. It is rigid, but brittle. That is why Muslims can't tolerate criticism of it. To eradicate Islam, all we have to do is tell the truth. It's that simple. This was not possible before, but with the help of the Internet, it is now. The insanity of this creed is so glaringly obvious, it boggles the mind. All it takes to see that is to read the Qur’an.

The truth about Islam is out. It's here on this site. With truth and reason alone we can demolish this tall tower of lies. If you help spread the truth we can bring this house of cards down sooner than anyone can imagine.  With truth, the decent Muslims will leave Islam and with each Muslim who leaves, we gain a new soldier in our fight against terrorism.  We are growing exponentially.
The days of Islam are numbered and better days are ahead.  Many of us will see that day. Meanwhile, we may have to go through dreadful times. A storm is approaching. It will wipe out Islam, but it will also destroy millions of lives in its path. We can avoid this Armageddon if we stop lying.  Islam is not a religion of peace. It is evil. It is a dangerous cult of death and terror. The proof is here. Let us tell the truth. Save lives, not lies.  All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Do something and save the world. To become a soldier in this army of light, all you have to do is face the truth. This site exists to help. Help spread the truth. Let it reach the world. It will do its work.  


Dear Muslim: If you love your faith and want to keep it, leave this site NOW > Faith Freedom website .  We have set thousands of Muslims free. Some of them were more faithful and more knowledgeable than you. Many of them are now helping other Muslims in their journey to freedom.  Truth is very powerful and you may not have the strength to resist it.  This site has the potential to undo Islam. This is no hyperbole.  It is a reality that is  already happening.  A silent revolution is taking place, unprecedented in history.  If you don't leave Islam, chances are that your children will.  The sun of truth has dawned. Your only chance to remain a Muslim is to keep your head deep in the sand.  The more you learn the truth the more you will lose your faith. Truth will set you free, but if you fear freedom leave this site NOW. However, if you feel valiant, meet my challenge and I will remove this site


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