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Latest news from the parallel Tower Hamlets Bangladesh state.

The Islamification of Tower Hamlets, London.

The Islamification of large parts of London and England is now officially complete. This article refers to Tower Hamlets, but also applies to many areas throughout London and England.

Please note the older reports have been removed by the NHS: light Grey text, links to statistics and information pages. This is the latest and its a lot worse than 3 years ago when this article was first published >NHS Latest on islamic Tower Hamets

The white East Enders, have been eradicated from a large part of Tower Hamlets, East London. The Blitz generation have watched helplessly as their sons and daughters have been forced to move out of their historic homeland, the East End. Now only a few isolated and ageing pockets survive.

From the early 70's Housing and Social resources have been diverted to large Bangladeshi Muslim families. This policy has virtually eradicated the indigenous white population, and has continued for decades without comment or constraint.

Islamic Tower Hamlets Burqa Town
The new look of Tower Hamlets

What is the consequence of this ethnic cleansing? (Tower Hamlets is officially the most densely populated & deprived area in Britain). A mirror image of Bangladesh?. The birth rate is the highest in the developed world, and quite possibly the highest in the whole world - Yes! The whole world. Poverty, crime and deprivation have become the norm in this new Islamic State of Tower Hamlets.

Over the next two decades the population is predicted to rise exponentially. With nowhere for this community to expand, the chronic overcrowding, the disease and the poverty will become a national disaster.
It's not looking much like "a vibrant Bangladeshi community" Tower Hamlets, Islamic controlled council propaganda Newspeak.

UK Government official statistics: 7.2 children per Bangladeshi female. Unemployment among Bangladeshi
under 25's is over 40% (figure does not include income support, sickness claimants, or carers. The true figure is closer to 70%). It gets worse, Unemployment over 50's is 80%, females of working age, only 22% are in employment (its 72% in the rest of the UK)- the babies keep coming, and the state keeps paying. Bangladeshi Tower Hamlets, moves every closer to disaster, a chronically overcrowded, poverty stricken fundamentalist Islamic state. Read how the BBC describe this disaster

Another UK Gov fact. A significant percentage of none English speaking spouses come to the UK from Bangladesh. After marriage, the new spouse gets UK citizenship. His/Her direct family also get right of abode in the UK.

Why? put simply; Votes! Many years ago Socialist workers party and trotskyite activists (Communists) took control of the boroughs and Tower Hamlets council. They actively assisted and encouraged immigrants from backward rural arrears in Bangladesh to move to the UK. The council also setup an advice shop in Bangladesh.

They started a 30 year program to eradicate the old East Enders. The shipping in of large numbers of new voters into Tower Hamlets and the East End continues to this day(March 2008).

Was that all it was about, Votes! - The Labour party was very unsettled when the traditional working class labour voter turned to the Liberals, BNP or "Gulp" the Conservatives. So Labour votes had to come from somewhere, and Bangladesh was as good a place as any. Tower Hamlets now, has a hard left pseudo Islamic MP the corrupt traitor, "Gorgeous" George Galloway.
(LATEST the unholy alliance of Communist-Fascist, and Islamic-Fascist has now collapsed. The increasingly radical Muslim majority, are no longer in need of their communist allies to control Tower Hamlets).

(Or is it far more sinister, read Al Qaeda UK)

More bad news the Labour party plan has backfired!
There are a few good hard working and professional Bangladeshi men and woman, as many as a couple of thousand out of a UK community of 300,000+. That is not enough! A significant percentage of the 300,000 still don't speak English, don't work, and don't stop having lots of children; children they can't feed, clothe or house without state benefit.

The government in Bangladesh, identified a serious population explosion problem in the 70's and 80's and managed to get the birth rate in Bangladesh down from 6.2 to 3.2. The population explosion problem is far worse in Tower Hamlets, yet nothing is done.

(Bangladesh 1970 population 55 million. Bangladesh 2007 population 158 million)
Editors note - maybe the few professional men, are among the 2000 "well dressed professionals" at a recent hate fueled Hizb ut-Tahir meeting in London)

Integration an illusion
Non-UK born spouses are imported daily through arranged marriages or financial deals. Integration never takes place in the numbers that are needed for an immigrant community to integrate, to become viable and self-supporting.

The Tower Hamlets Bangladeshi community is not viable. This is according to a recent EU report on poverty within the EU. The report states. "The community will not survive in the future without massive EU, and UK Government aid". That is now, the population will have doubled by 2017, a chilling future for that part of the East End of London.

The old Eastenders have been betrayed; they worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes, survived the Blitz, and the killing fields of the First and Second World War. Their reward; betrayal of the worse kind.
They watch helplessly, as Tower Hamlets becomes an Islamic State within a State. Their hopeless isolation made worse, as their sons and daughters and their grandchildren are forced to move out of the East End of London.

History and the future
Tens of thousands of immigrants arrived in Tower Hamlets. In the early days, it's quite understandable that poorly educated peasants from a a third world country would be incapable of supporting the large families they arrived with.
The socialist local authority, with the collusion of the state, encouraged them to continue to live on state handouts, no attempt was made to integrate them into a British way of life.

Instead they were provided with translators and multilingual documents that bought them free gifts of housing, and every kind of government cash available.
They where handed on a plate, all the health and social Benefits that have been grafted for by UK workers throughout the 20th century. Now in 2007, some 40 years later, its not understandable, and its not acceptable.

Can you blame the Bangladeshis? yes, they've had 40 years. In the 60's (then East Pakistan) 70's and 80's Bangladesh was a sh*thole, the sickliest, poorest, and most corrupt country on Earth. That is according to United Nations historic data. Bangladesh today: One of the poorest countries on earth, one of the most corrupt (UN), and grotesquely overcrowded. The military have taken over, only 30% of females are literate, but the good news is the birth rate is less than half what it is in Tower Hamlets.

A National emergency TODAY.
This stupid and arrogant refusal to integrate, this movement to Islamic fundamentalism, this insane, out of control population explosion needs to be stopped/reversed NOW!.

Birth control, how? Simple - no benefit after a second child, no jumping the housing ladder and recieving a free larger home, just because you have acted irresponsibly by having a large family that you can't support without state benefit.
Lets face it, t
his is not going to happen, the bleeding heart press and world opinion would be outraged at the sight of starving children bloatted with malnutrition, and Oxfam parachuting rice into Tower Hamlets.

The only other alternative, is to send most, if not all of them back to Bangladesh, yes all of them. The economic benefit to the East End and Bangladesh would be immense.

Workers, not third world shirkers
Generous grants could be given to help them resettle and set-up home in Bangladesh, conversely, generous grants could be given to help the sons and daughters of the old East Enders to return to the place of their birth (these people are workers, not third world shirkers).

The East End, and Tower Hamlets would boom, population growth would stabilise, and everyone would be happy, well almost every one. Respect and the Labour party would be very unhappy, as there would be few who would vote for them.
Same goes for Ken Livingstone (Now X mayor of London), he would lose half his voters. *(Sorry! re: Healthy - editors note: the latest NHS statistics 36 % of the Bangladeshis living in Tower Hamlets are listed as suffering from chronic illness)NHS PDF report a lot of grim Tower Hamlets statistics (Another editors note: I don't think the old East Enders would want to come back, maybe hard working Christian Pols or East Europeans would).

The footnote to this is:
A National Emergency now, in 20 years a catastrophe
In 20 years, there will be a minimum of 250,000 Bangladeshis living in an area already overcrowded today (2007) with 71,000. Islam is the religion, more babies is the motto, mass unemployment, disease and poverty is the fact.
Today in Tower Hamlets, Islamification and fundamentalism is growing as fast as the population.

A few years ago the Hijab/Khimar/Niqab/Burqa was rarely seen, now it is a common every day site on any street in Tower Hamlets. The Niqab is the visual tip of the Islamic fundamentalist Iceberg.

By 2027 there will be few if any old East Enders living in Tower Hamlets, the 2012 Olympics a distant memory. George Galloway, Ken Livinstone et-al will have long retired to nice white places in the country. Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs will be a Gated and Guarded Financial and Business Community.

Tower Hamlets will be just as the local population like it - "Bangladesh" but isn't that where it all started, and they left that place because it was a corrupt, poverty, disease- ridden sh*thole.
It's a great shame really, as there was potential, despite coming from a backward country with a very low IQ. Free education, free housing, generous state handouts, access to vitamin rich western diet, should have elevated the tens of thousands who arrived in the 70's and 80's, to a healthy prosperous future.
It's unfortunate that for some strange reason, yet to be explained, they have been encouraged to regress to type, third world inhabitants, living in aid funded povity.

One last comment from the editor: Who are you ? a bunch of pathetic looser's if the 2008 Olympics is a measure: Bangladesh population 158 Million, Olympic medals "0" GB Population 61 Million, Olympic Medals "47" says it all.

Comments please to:

The latest bunch of Bangladeshi halfwit loosers created by the UK's State funded terrorist breading program.

The live on Benifit, have lots of children, cover their non English speaking wives in the burka, and plot mass murder on London's streets.

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Islamic State of Tower Hamlets
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Islamic State of Tower Hamlets
Muslim London

Now and the Future of Tower Hamlets, UK Europe - it gets worse. The

The Future of Europe Video

"No Medicine" the erstwhile sickman of Europe (yes, do you remember that was how the UK was referred to prior to the Thatcher Medicine )

No medicine is about to be administered to this very sick, poverty stricken and backward Islamic community of Tower hamlets. It will become poorer and sicker, and eventually die or implode.

There will come a point in time, probably as the economic belt is pulled ever tighter by some future right of centre Government of desperation.
The large state funded extended Bangladeshi families will find their benefits cut and their multitude of free perks will disappear.

Like all Muslim communities around the world, they will turn violently on each other and those around them. They will join forces with the "British" Extremist from the Northern Muslim towns, and the foreign extremists that have settled and festered in Liberal Britain over the past 20 years.

More trouble!
If that wasn't enough, now we can add the vast Somali Muslim communities that have come from all over the world to the UK over the last 10 years. A reported 20,000 Somali Muslims from Holland alone have, or intend to settle in the UK. Several thousand have already moved to Milton Keynes just in the last 2 years. These are not scare stories, it's a UK Government statistic.

................................Islamic Tower Hamlets time bomb
The Somalis are very backward people, they never integrated in Holland, and they are not going to integrate in the UK. They circumcise their daughters, and they keep their wives as chattels. We subsidise their backward Islamic life styles, and in appreciation of this subsidy, they refuse to adopt even the most basic Britishness. Instead, each family produces babies yearly.
Their army of disenfranchised youth turn to crime.
Their self imposed poverty gets worse.
They blame western culture and values.
They turn to Islamic fundamentalism.

For now, they are busy knocking up their brutally repressed woman, who are perpetually pregnant.
Most of the men sit on grass verges chewing Qat/Khat a dangerous psychosomatic "Speed like" addictive drug, that is class "A" in America. Here in the ultra-PC immigrant friendly UK, you can buy it at the local greengrocer.

Oh! and then there is the new model Army of Somali youth, high on Qat they go out in the world buy and sell harder drugs, rob, rape and kill. This is also fact. Crime in Milton Keynes is up a staggering 34% in 2006. Time and again, in England brutal killings are carried out by so called mixed-race immigrant gangs with Somali members. Read this page on the Europe wide conspiracy This is an example of ultra PC lies to cover up the statistics of Black (Immigrant) crime on white victims.. In the UK it's impossible to find Government published Statistics that break down crime by ethnicity.

New face of Islamic Tower Hamlets
The new face of Bangladeshi youth. A new model army of vicious mindless thugs.
The charmless pair above are now serving 18 years in prison. No doubt, at this moment they have joined the Jails Islamic brotherhood, kindly provided and subsidised by the UK tax payer. When they leave prison in 4 or 5 years, having completed just 30% of their sentenc, they will be fully paid up members of the Brotherhood - Islamic Death cult. The consequences of this are future 7/7's 911's Madrid and Bali. Each new atrocity, more shocking than the last.

Somali islamic rapist and thugs

islamic rapist murders and thugs
Latest somali violence

The sheer mind-numbing brutality of the Torture, Rape and Murder of a white school girl in Reading, Berkshire, by an Immigrant Gang, led by a Muslim. Highlights how far the Police and Media will go to hide the truth. This is what the Police describe as a mixed race gang. The bearded face is a Kosavo Muslim, the BBC artist impression in court showed one to have a very white face, and the rest as grey faced. Just one small example of the lies, cover-up and misinformation by the left/Liberal UK mass media and our hamstrung, ultra-PC Police force. The Muslim community is also worried by this cover up - > Shame in the Muslim community

There is a Europe wide epidemic of Immigrant crime, yet it's brushed under the carpet by the media. Probably because they know they are responsible for the mass immigration that has taken place over the last few decades.
Any politician who dared to mention immigration in a negative way has been universally vilified across the media. So considering what a cowardly bunch our politicians are, it's no wonder they all keep quiet. Now the media is starting to worry, the lid is slowly coming off the can of worms they helped to create, and so cleverly hid for so many years. (UK Government still in denial.

You have to face a problem to solve it. Let's not wait another 10 or 20 years before we start to do anything about this growing disaster. A disaster, not just for England and the ethnic English, but also for the immigrants themselves. They came here to escape poverty, ignorance, repression and hate. But that is exactly what they are heading for in the not so distant future.

History always repeats itself. There is another Hitler out there, and there are millions of ordinary, decent Europeans that are inexorably moving to the right, who when the time has come, will vote en masse for this new Hitler. Immigrants have to integrate, they have to grab the opportunities they are given, not just knock out babies, so that their male keepers can rake in state benefits. This is short sighted gain for a lot of misery and pain in the future.

And to the future: A warning from history.
- The medicine as decreed by the new Pan-European Hitler (H2). (He sees it as a simple matter of survival for Europe, its culture and way of life "the end justifies the means") It all starts quite happily, the EU population can see improvements, the riots have stopped, the trains are running again, crime is down, housing and services are once again available to "Locals".

New Laws are passed to cut the disastrous immigrant population explosion, and make life better and more secure for everyone, not just the Indigenous European White Majority, but also the millions of immigrants who live in depravation and poverty.

(These new laws will be specific to the UK, as most EU countries don't give preference to immigrants for social housing.)
No benefit for a third or subsequent child (No exceptions) this is also retrospective to immigrants who are UK/EU citizens granted in the last 20 years..
No jumping the social housing waiting list. Simple rule, Apart from Key workers serving the community, whoever has waited the longest gets the next house on the list.
Simple! - The current queue jumping by having lots of children, has caused a disaster in social housing, encouraged large families from the worst kind of people, who without the carrot of a house and lavish Benefits would probably have stayed childless, and actually made something of their lives.

Any immigrant that commits a crime of robbery or violence, or has committed one in Europe, is deported after sentence, no exception. Any immigrant with UK/European citizenship who commits a violent crime, is stripped of citizenship and deported after sentence.

No more immigration from third world countries into the UK/EU (No exceptions)
All asylum seekers - deported (10 years retrospective, no exceptions)
Mandatory Death penalty for violent rapist, child killers, multiple killers, Police or Prison officer killers.

New Offshore super prisons in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and for the hardest criminals the moon.

And Just like H1 - H2 our great saviour and leader moves to phase two.

New retrospective treachery laws
The Media.
The second H2 Media crack down - Liberals, left wingers, gays and the many Stalinist hags who took part in the media coup d'etat of the 20th and early 21st century will be put on trial and executed.
Leading Politicians who were active during the periods of mass immigration into Europe to be put on trial and executed.
An example of this would be Tony and Cherie Blair, good Christians, benevolently presiding over the genocide of English heritage and culture. They happily engineered the pogrom that saw 10,000,000 ethnic English people disappear out of England. Like the Ceausescus, the Blairs will be executed in their own back yard. No need for a trial, the crime is well documented. Even the right wing home secretary& Thatcher Tory Michael Howard will get the bullet, it was during his tenure as Home secretary, mass immigration started.

Muslims (all)- repatriation to country of origin. No exceptions. White Muslim Converts can become atheists, or convert back to Christianity, or be relocated to a Muslim country.

All EU citizens will need to prove they are historically blood tied to Europe, dating back to 1900. If you can't, you will be stripped of citizenship and deported/relocated to your country of origin (DNA evidence is now that advanced, a microscopic sample will tell the MORAR - Ministry of Rehabilitation and Relocation what village you came from in Africa/Asia.

The above are just an example of what H2 the EU Hitler will publicly decree. There is also secret large-scale disappearances, as this has always happens in history, and as you all know history is always repeated.
Who is to blame for this calamity? First, the immigrants themselves, for either being too stupid, arrogant or stubborn to embrace the great opportunity they have been given. Secondly the media and politicians for allowing this deluge of immigration, and then positively encouraging immigrants not to integrate.

Once again, dark clouds gather over Europe. The right wing backlash has started. Be afraid, be very afraid...

The editor EXFL.COM when contacting the editor, please use subject "exfl editor" this will help your e-mail through the antispam software.

Statistics relating to Tower Hamlets (updated 2007) NHS Public Health Report>
Please click here to read full NHS PDF Report

Just a few Tower Hamlets snippets
Tower Hamlets TB, Measles and diabetes Epidemic.
Tower Hamlets 4100 babies per year NOW - by 2020 5000 per year (This figure a serious underestimate)
Tower Hamlets 80% of social housing overcrowded and sub standard
Tower Hamlets one of lowest exam pass rates in the UK
Tower Hamlets most densely populated area in UK
Tower Hamlets 40% unemployment in under 25's - Bangladeshi under 25's its closer to 70% unemployed
Tower Hamlets the most corrupt local authority in the UK (check out all the fraud/vote rigging reports since 2000)
Tower Hamlets Vote rigging on a large scale
Tower Hamlets crime rate - one of the UK's highest for violence/robbery
Tower Hamlets 7.2 children birth-rate (Its down to 3.2 in Bangladesh, who's population increased from 50 million to 159 million in 30 years)

Angry? - we are angry, you are angry, we are not alone. (We would like to hear from Eastenders who feel they have been a victim of this ethnic cleansing. We would also like to hear from Bangladeshis, for an explanation on why they think the current situation is acceptably in a modern western country. ( - all reply's will be published unedited)

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Islamic State of Tower Hamlets
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