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East London & Stockport Terrorist: Faisal Mostafa PHD, a Bangladeshi chemical engineer from Stockport, Greater Manchester who runs a charity called Green Crescent, was arrested at Dhaka airport on Tuesday, a source told the Daily Telegraph.

Bangladesh's elite counter terrorism unit, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) raided the Islamic school and orphanage, in Bhola in Southern Bangladesh earlier in the day.

Three soldiers charged over munitions swoop Sources alleged that at least 12 guns and several thousand bullets were recovered and that a leading member of the group Jamaat ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was also arrested.

JMB has been connected with the Islamic political party Jamaat e-Islami which has thousands of followers in Britain.

KM Mamunur Rashid, of the RAB said the building had a drawbridge and was surrounded by water.

"We have found huge amounts of ammunition and enough equipment to make several hundred grenades and improvised explosive devices.

Mr Rashid claimed extremist literature had also been found, including books that encouraged Muslims to take up arms

Mostafa, 44, was caught trying to board a plane at Manchester airport last July with a gas-powered pistol in his suitcase and given a suspended sentence.

He had been cleared of conspiracy to cause explosions following an MI5 sting operation in Birmingham in November 2000 when police uncovered a large amount of the explosive HMTD – the same substance used by the July 7 bombers. His co-accused, Moinul Abedin, was jailed for 20 years.

Mostafa was also cleared in 1996 of involvement in a terrorist bombing campaign after chemicals and equipment were found at his home, although he was he was sentenced to four years for illegally possessing a firearm.

Mostafa, who is married with three children, has a PhD in chemistry and advises companies how to transport dangerous materials safely as well as teaching at a mosque in Birmingham.

His father Ghulam, 73, told the Daily Telegraph yesterday his son had been running the school for two or three years and traveling out to Bangladesh regularly, where he employed several staff.

"This is not a maddrassa, it is an orphanage," he added. "My son wants the children to be taught English and maths. He doesn't want to turn them into Mullahs."

The raids were made in connection with last month's mutiny at the Bangladesh Rifles barracks in the capital, Dhaka, in which more than 70 people were killed, including at least 56 senior army officers.

Four members of staff were arrested in the raid on the school which had 11 pupils, police added.

The haul allegedly included four handguns, four shotguns, two remote-control devices, two walkie talkes and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, some made from components sourced in Britain, along with booklets on Osama bin Laden





Terrorist Faisal Mostafa has already been tried for two bomb plots, strangely he was acquitted, even though he is a chemical engineer, and a vast amount of bomb making material was found in his home.
The bomb making material was the same as used in the 7/7 London bombings that killed and maimed hundreds of innocent people.

Faisal Mostofa is at the tip of a gigantic cancerous fundermentalist iceberg that is floating just a few yards east of the City of London's financial district. The islamic State of Tower Hamlets, its streets thronged with downtrodden perpetually pregnant muslim woman clad from head to foot in Black cloth. Schools with 10's of thousands of veiled girls, waiting to be married off to none English speaking Bangladeshi men. A UK tax payer funded, fundamentalist hell hole than is about to explode.

The Labour government has buried its head in the sand and blindly ignores this catastrophe that festers so close to the heart of England.


And another East London Terrorist (Dec 2008)
Kazi Nurur Rahman, from east London, was associated with the same terrorist group that is accused of the attack in India which killed almost 200 people.

He was arrested in a sting operation as he tried to buy three Uzi submachine guns and 3,000 rounds of ammunition.

He had talked of buying up to five weapons, hand grenades and as many bullets as possible along with Russian-made rocket-propelled grenades and SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles.

When police raided Rahman's home they found a scanner which enabled him to listen in to police radios along with information on guerrilla warfare.

Counter-terrorism police believe Rahman was planning to arm a gang of associates.

One senior officer told the Daily Telegraph: "This was definitely part of a larger order and the fact that he tried to buy three submachine guns means you only have to do the maths to know he was not the only one involved."

Police also accept that, had he succeeded in buying the weapons, it would have been difficult to stop a massacre on a similar scale to India.

Rahman, 31, was an associate of Omar Khyam, the leader of a gang plotting to blow up Bluewater shopping centre or the Ministry of Sound nightclub with a fertiliser bomb.

Khyam trained with Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let) the Kashmiri separatist group accused of the Mumbai (formerly Bombay) massacre, before he turned to al-Qaeda.

Police were first told about Rahman by an American informant who spoke of a man he knew as Abdul Haleem who ran a terrorist gang in east London and travelled to Pakistan in the aftermath of September 11.

MI5 eventually identified the man as Rahman, 31, a plumber from east London with a history of violence.

At South Mimms Service Station on the M25, Rahman met an MI5 agent who called himself "Salim" and an undercover police officer named "Mohammed" who he believed was an international arms dealer.

The men drove to Welham Green, Hertfordshire, where Rahman was shown wrapped up Uzi machine guns in the back of a Luton van.

He pleaded guilty to offences under the Terrorism Act 2000 and was sentenced to nine years in prison in May 2006.

The judge, Mr Justice Calvert-Smith, told him: "The equipment which you were hoping to buy on the day of your arrest is dreadful and dangerous, capable of killing or wounding a very large number of people in a small space of time and your intention was that it should be used for terrorist purposes in this country."