In the dead of night, U.S. Navy Seals in stealth helicopters approach a high-walled compound in Pakistan on a mission to kill one of the world's most notorious terrorist leaders.

Bin Laden, gray bearded, scruffy and unwashed is watching western porn movies, blissfully unaware, as the Seals silently slide down to the ground a few yards from the squalid bedroom he shares with his very young wife.

Then shots ring out, explosions! shouts! Bin Laden curses, the TV has gone off and the lights don't work. He staggers to the door, he sees movement in the almost pitch dark. He freezes - a demon with shining silver teeth leaps at him, he falls back against the bedroom door, the last thing he sees is the glint of the titanium fangs, "*****" later translated as MERCY! ! - 2 bullets "TAPS" slam into his emaciated body - one to the chest, one in the left eye.

He is still alive as he slides to the floor. The dog leers down at him, saliva drips onto his twitching body, a few seconds later he is dead.

Ten hours later, on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, the bloodied and filthy body is sewn up in a pig's skin, and then dropped unceremoniously into the North Arabian sea.

In remembrance of the many thousands of innocent people the freak Bin Laden murdered during his miserable life. He Rots in Hell, a pig for eternity.


Goodbye Osama Pig Laden, may your oinks and squeals echo in the halls of hell for eternity.



Unfortunately this photo is my own work and a fake and the rest pure speculation based on known facts.

Why the US decided to give Bin Laden the courtesy and dignity of a decent burial is a mystery. Bin laden never gave any quarter, never showed any concern to the mothers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters of the thousands he murdered - very few of the Twin Towers victims had a burial at all.