Al Qaeda London and UK "Its WAR"
..................................."Run or Fight?"

Al-Qaeda (also al-Qaida or al-Qa'ida or al-Qa'idah) (Arabic:

Al Qaeda, the World Wide terrorist and political organisation, has been responsible for some very large scale, long term projects, some spanning decades.
One of their stated missions, is to create a World Caliphate, or a World Islamic Dictatorship. The UK, with its open border policy, weak government, and history of tolerance towards ethnic minorities, has made it the perfect place, to become the first western country to be converted to Islam.

The UK will make the ideal staging post, to complete the islamification of main land Europe. Far fetched? I don't think so.
Al Qaedas first big success:
All over the UK, urban areas and towns have become Islamic, with Muslims making up the single largest ethnic group. Stage 1. islamification has been completed in little over a decade.

Stage 2. Will be completed over the next twenty years, the Muslim population will increase in the UK to over 20,000,000 far fetched? >2001 Census + NHS statistics

"The 2001 Census; 8.5% of Londoners are Muslim. The real 2001 figure is closer to 14% and now in 2007 its possibly 20+%.
Secret Muslims. According to the NHS, Muslim families are the most likely not to have completed the 2001 Census form. NHS records in 2001 clearly recorded 248,000 Muslims in the East London NHS area, yet according to the 2001 Census, there where only 178,000.

The Muslim population explosion in London and the UK will continue over the next two decades.
The Muslim block vote in London already accounts for 600,000 votes, this keeps Ken Livingstone in Office as London Mayor. Gorgeous George Galloway is kept in office by the Muslim block vote. Across London MP's and councillors"Woo" the Muslim vote, adopt pro Muslim policies. They never, ever mention immigration, or discuss issues that are of concern to the ethnic white Londoner.
(Does Ken Livingstone woo the Muslim vote? yesterday 19th September, he announced 50,000 new homes for "Londoners" especially 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Do you qualify for a 3 or 4 bedroom council house ? No! but the Muslims across London and the Bangladeshis in Tower Hamlets do)

So Al-Qaeda the Islamo fascist terror networks long term plan is working perfectly.
"TWO convicted terrorists, including a key al-Qaeda member, were among at least 10,000 applicants who fraudulently obtained passports from the Home Office in the last year, ministers said. "

Al-Qaeda earns Billions from the Heroin trade, billions from finance and international trade. This money is used to bankroll the invasion of the UK with Muslims. From Somalia to Bangladesh, from Pakistan to Afghanistan, Iraq and err! Holland and France
Is that the right word ? "Invasion"

If this invasion and population explosion continues, London will be the first Islamic Capital City in Europe, the first major piece taken on the Al Qaeda Caliphate Chess board. Like all successful Al-Qaeda projects, they use the tools, their weak enemies conveniently provide. Our own "weaknesses" 911 it was easy going yanks, and the kind of lax security you would expect when travelling in a free and mobile society. In Britain, its our great sense of fairness, our freedom and democracy. The perfect Al Qaeda Tools.

Is it to late ? probably - the ethnic English are rolling over on their backs, taking flight, to join the 5,000,000 that have already emigrated over the last 15 years. The ones that haven't already emigrated, are thinking about it. The Government, the MP's, the main political parties, are all paralysed with fear. Fear of loosing the Muslim block vote, fear of the media turning on them, fear of being vilified as a racist or a fascist. Can you blame them, the left wing liberal media, the BBC, and network TV, wait patiently for any politician, or anyone in the public eye to break ranks. The Media do, and will fall on them with venom, hate, like insane dogs they will attack and destroy any politician that dares to speak out.

There is no doubt! England is at WAR, and has been successfully invaded on four fronts, and is loosing the war on all four fronts. Our government is Scottish, our major cities and towns are populated by immigrants, Islam is the fastest growing political movement, and the UK mass media is totally controlled by the liberal left, it's all pervading propaganda and influence is complete.

Muslim take over the USA
Hard liners take over UK Mosques


All the invaders and their Quislings need to do now is administer the coup de grâce to finish us off.

Run or fight, that is the question ?
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Ismamification of the UK Video


The burning of the English Flag by "Britiish" Muslims

  • UK local authorities with a Muslim population
    greater than 10%.

    2001 UK census figures. Cross referenced with NHS records, the 2001 census is 25% short of the actual Muslim population. In 2007 the Muslim population, including immigration, and population growth would add another 30%. The true Muslim population today (2007) is + 55% of the figures below.

  • London Borough of Tower Hamlets 36.4% 71,389
    ( Tower Hamlets 2007 = 53.5% 110,000)
    London Borough of Newham 24.3% 59,293
    Blackburn with Darwen 19.4% 26,674
    Bradford 16.1% 75,188
    London Borough of Waltham Forest 15.1% 32,902
    Luton 14.6% 26,963
    Birmingham 14.3% 139,771
    London Borough of Hackney 13.8% 27,908
    Pendle 13.4% 11,988
    Slough 13.4% 15,897
    London Borough of Brent 12.3% 32,290
    London Borough of Redbridge 11.9% 28,487
    City of Westminster 11.8% 21,346
    London Borough of Camden 11.6% 22,906
    London Borough of Haringey 11.3% 24,371
    Oldham 11.1% 24,039
    Leicester 11.0% 30,885
    London Borough of Ealing 10.3% 31,033
    Kirklees 10.1% 39,312

  • The Yorkshire towns of Batley and Dewsbury each have large Muslim populations. However, they are part of the district of Kirklees, which is only 10.12% Muslim. The Savile Town area of Dewsbury is often seen as the Muslim centre of the country, being "some 97-100% Muslim" and having the largest Islamic seminary in the country with the Markazi mosque, one of the largest purpose-built mosque in Europe. It is also one of the most orthodox centers of Muslim learning in the West. Most large cities have one area that is a majority Muslim even if the rest of the city has a fairly small Muslims population; see, for example, Harehills in Leeds.

  • Source
    UK Census 2001
    UK NHS
    UK government statistics

Tower Hamlets 2008 - at any one time, a third of under 25 year old Bangladeshi females are pregant NHS Statistic.


The Burqa can be sexy

"creeping islamification"
The renaming of council wards was carried out between 1998 and 2002 as part of local government 're-organisation' under the Boundaries Commission. In 1998 there were 19 wards in Tower Hamlets of which 7 had two councillors. These became 17 wards with three seats each. A recommendation to abolish four of the six wards named after the Christian faith (St Marys, St Peters, St James and Holy Trinity) and rename the other two came from the 1998 Council. That Council had a ruling group of 41 Labour councillors (of whom a crucial 21 were Muslim) to 9 LibDems (no Muslims at that time, although there were some Muslim LibDem candidates). The name 'Holy Trinity' will have been especially offensive to Muslims. An attempt was also made to change the names of St Dunstans and St Katharines Wards. However, after local protests the Home Office decided that for historical reasons for the time being those names could remain, although a designation has been added to these Wards in preparation for a change in the future. St Dunstans Ward is now St Dunstan's and Stepney Green Ward and St Katherines Ward is now St Katharine's and Wapping Ward.

Plainly, the Muslims have been steadily advancing, and as soon as they had a majority in the ruling group in Tower Hamlets they began advancing their Islamist agenda. Whilst it is easy to see them achieving such an objective in Muslim enclaves such as Tower Hamlets, Southall, Bradford and Leicester, it is difficult to see a take-over happening at national level.

Mr. Dennis Delderfield, resident of Tower Hamlets, former member of the Court of Common Council of the City of London (the governing body of the City) and for five years a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, states:

"This year the Council announced that they would twin the Borough with Janine, which Israel has claimed is the centre of Islamic terrorism. This year saw the closure of St Patrick's Roman Catholic School in spite of many protests by local people, and the Council hope that more church schools will be closed. Teams of Asian youths roam the area and attacks on white people are common, some resulting in death. Christian priests and nuns have been spat at and insulted in the street. The aim is to turn the London Borough of Tower Hamlets into an exclusive Moslem enclave, and this is well on the way; anyone who objects is labelled a racist."

The ruling elite is at the moment too solidly in control of central government and the establishment willingly to allow a Muslim challenge to the humanist consensus, the power of the Muslim vote at the ballot box is not strong enough nationally to force it, and Muslim youth are not yet able to take the country by force, although they may well be arming themselves with illegal weapons even now. In thirty years time, the Muslim population may have reached the point at which a take-over could be a distinct possibility, but it does not look likely at present.

However, the creeping Islamicisation of Tower Hamlets should still ring alarms bells in Christian churches up and down the land. The way in which the Christian faith and its symbols in our land have been progressively eradicated will have been given a significant boost by the Tower Hamlets events. Edmund Burke famously said that 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.' Will anything shock the Christian church out of its do-nothing slumber before it is too late?