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May 12, 2008 -- ABDULLAH Saleh al-Ajmi was a Kuwaiti soldier who deserted to fight with the Taliban in Afghanistan after the United States invaded that country in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Coalition forces captured him in the Tora Bora region - believed to be the hideout of Osama bin Laden - designated him an "enemy combatant" and shipped him out to the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

There he remained until Nov. 3, 2005 - when, despite substantial evidence of his terrorist ties and a history of aggressive behavior at Gitmo, he was sent back to Kuwait.

Al-Ajmi could have crawled back under the rock from which he'd emerged. Instead, he made his way illegally to Syria, then crossed the border into Iraq.

Now comes word from Al Arabiya television news in Dubai that he blew himself up in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul - one of a series of three suicide bombings that killed at least seven people in the last week of April.

Al-Ajmi's life was one of fanaticism, defeat, treachery and bumbling idiocy - a microcosm, in other words, of the Arab experience in the Middle East over the last century. But his death underscores the intractable dilemma posed by prisoners at Gitmo.

What's to be done with captured enemy combatants who fight for no flag in particular, recognize no fixed chain of command . . . who are, in effect, conducting their own private wars against America? What collective peace agreement will ever be binding on the likes of al-Ajmi?

The thought of holding hundreds of prisoners at Gitmo indefinitely, without ever charging them, runs counter to the American ideal of justice. But providing them with open hearings and formal public trials, which would necessarily include discovery and presentation of classified material, is a practical impossibility.

So until someone comes up with a better solution, Gitmo is what we've got.




The 600 inmates still in Guantanamo are considered more dangerous than those released so far. Yet 10% of the safe ones have committed terrorist acts.

If Guantanamo was closed and all released, what would be the consequence? at a minimum 60 killers, more likely 200, quite possibly 600 -why take the risk, keep them locked up until they are to old to harm others or them selves.

Ring your hands Cherry Blair, ring your hands John Mitting, ring your hands the rest of the Liberal bleeding hearts. And to the 1000's of people that will live normal lives, without being maimed, without your corpse blasted into a hundred pieces, without picking up the pieces of your loved one in the aftermath of a suicide bomb, Cheer "Guantanamo lives we live".

On another note: The UK has a reported 2000 terror suspects on the countries streets.

For those that have it, strip them of UK citizenship, Deport them all, before? or after? the next terrorist atrocity.

Those born here, help them relocate to their country of origin, or f they refuse, the UK Guantanamo ? how about utilizing south Georgia Falklands Islands as a new and perminant home for them. It takes them out of circulation, it is a warning to the other 10's of thousands who are moving closer to violent fundamentalism. It makes the rest of us safe.