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PIG of the week

Bakri dons another impenetrable disguise.
We haven't heard much from this ugly mother fucker for a while, maybe he has slipped back into the UK to pick up his Ford Galaxy, that was so kindly supplied by disability mobility. One thing these scumy fundamentalist are very good at, is milking the UK state benefit system, siigh!.
One of Omar Bakris long term friends, creepy Ken Livingstone caught on Camera
A furtive, dirty Mac Iguana Ken Livingstone, hungrily clutching the latest video release, "caught" as he leaves the Blue Lizard Video Shop in Soho London.

transport for London, extortion and iguanas
We have viewed several of these vile videos in the name of research - We are shocked at the depths these little green bastards will sink - The people who make this filth, and the perverts who watch it should face the full force of the law. Unfortunately, due to a legal loophole, the law is powerless to act. email your protest to:-

We confronted creepy Ken Livingstone on his sick behavior. He smugly droned, " I need the videos to improve my skills as a vivi.. err! I mean animal technician" He added, that when he leaves Politics and returns to the real world. He intends to build on his past experience as an animal technician. Ken aims to specialize in the Sexual dysfunctionality of the post porn gay Iguana.
(Ed. A generous Lottery good causes grant has already been allocated to fund this project)
Animal technician = Vivisectionist Ken worked for 8 years at the Chester Beatty Cancer Research, Institute, London - Monkeys, dogs, rabbit's, rats and mice. (What no kittens .Ed) To be honest, I was taken aback when I discovered this, while reading Kens Bio. I took Animal technician to mean Vets assistant, or maybe something to do with Pet shops. How naïve of me. Ken was the man that put the catheters into the monkeys eyes. Forced the cigarettes into the Beagles mouth. Exposed the live monkeys brain. Maybe doing this for a few months could be justified, especially if you are thick Trotskyite - but 8 years No! No! something is not right here.. The Iguana thing, was supposed to be a joke relating to Kens fascination with newts. Now we feel a chill running down our spines. The whimpering of those pups, the poor little chimps, crying in the night for their mums, and all the while Ken worked happily away for 8 years. Kens callous wholesale slaughter of the little pigeons now falls into perspective.. He f**ing well enjoys it - We are now scared..
.(Ed. Calm down, Trafalgar square is a much nicer place without the pigeons. That is apart from the traffic lights that are on green, for only seven seconds)

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About this Website

This website came into existence on 05 February 2004 - 5pm GMT

Your editor spent most of this night, venting his spleen, in a spontaneous, and manic outpouring, that went on till the early hours.

This websites purpose
To fight back against extortion.
To keep the car driver informed about the law, and latest legal developments.
To publish your grievance and experiences.
To unmask the faceless beurocrats, behind this out of control extortion machine.
To start a campaign of civil disobedience. To publish every trick known, for:
Removing clamps,
obstructing the tow truck,
Deactivation of meters &
Ticket machines
Destruction of speed cameras
Lastly, to try & restore a balance of sanity and fairness in the way the motorists is treated by the state, the police, and local authorities.

Personally: A conduit for all the anger that has been rising up in me of late. For what I see as the betrayal of the great silent majority in this country & great city of ours, dare I say it in the political correct mad house that "England" has become.

Letter to
I recently got a bus lane fine which I wanted to appeal until I was informed by London Borough of Brent that the fine would go up from £50 to £100 if I lost my case. This I feel needs reviewing as lower income families and pensioners should be given the chance to appeal without the threat of added fines.







Andy Coulson

At long last Andy Coulson is in Police Custody, or is he ? no one seems to know. I can see why the MET are not that kean to arrest the little scroat. Coulson was bribing corrupt MET officers throughout his tenure as editor of News of the World.

Andy Coulson is a coke snorting, whore mongering, conniving, and worse of all HYPOCRITE!. Do you have this weakness and a egregious behavior personality ? - YES? News International would love to have you on their media team.
Apply for your dream career Here

This is what the editor at wrote about this fat lying prick 4 years ago!.

Andy Fat Prick Coulson. - leeds the UK press in its willingless to put UK troops and risk in the name of a cheap scoop, yet is far to scared to print the so called Muhammed cartoons...
News International stooge, Andy "fat prick"Coulson
"BREAKING NEWS" The above lying Conniving weasel has been fired for doing what he does best & what Rupert Murdock sees as an essential quality needed to be editor of the News of the World.

While most of the cowardly western press shiver with fear (UK and US the most cowardly). The web is buzzing with anger, and unprecedented outpourings of free speech, against yet another Islamic hissy fit. Read just a few here> I think we are all getting tired with pandering to Hysterical, Hypocritical Muslims.
.trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
"RIP - Freedom of the press"
Here we go again - the flag burners - hate and ignorance on the world's streets.
The US and UK press are conspicuous in their cowardly reluctance to publish the Kurt Westergaard cartoons. What is all the fuss? It took a little bit of Googling to track these down - a lot of web sites have either removed the cartoons, or refuse to display them in the articles that discuss them.
We have a few famous Muhammeds here. "If the Muhammed cartoon gives you the urge to go and burn a flag - we say " CHILL OUT" and read the Quran, and maybe learn something about the enlightened and mostly gentle (don't mention Qaynuqa ) character of Mohammed the Prophet , before you go and burn any more flags. "
......................... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL..
....................... Cartoon Muhammed
More cartoons> ( Click Here ) (the Editor is going to have a rant - err! was Muhammed gentle?

what about the poets he had murdered for writing emm!, poetry - Historically, and based on historical fact - "he was a womanising, woman hating, poet murdering opportunist" ) That is why free speech is not tolerated under Islam - there is something fundamentally wrong at its core, Muhammed the profit himself -"modern" Christianity can cope with the close scrutiny of Jesus, "was he prophet or a Messiah", the son of god?, or just another Jewish opportunist. Considering the violent times he lived in, under the brutal occupation of Rome - his Love and Peace teachings are all the more remarkable. We have heard it all, he was gay! he hung out with prostitute's, had a foot fetish! is that it?

Jesus was a err!at the very least, a nice guy with good intentions, on the other hand, you don't have to dig to far into Mohammed's history to uncover a very unsavoury can of worms, and now with a billion + Muslims following the ramblings of this man, its not looking to good for the future of the human race and Planet earth
More......editor .

Just because you have a lot of followers, it doesn't mean you have right on your side - Hitler managed to keep 60,000,000 Germans enthralled for 14 years, and at the same time managed to cause the death's of 50,000,000 people, including the cold blooded extermination of untold millions of Jews. That is one thing Hitler, Muhammed and the modern Muslims have in common - hate of Jews - talking of Jews and considering what the Germans did to them - how many Jewish suicide bombers have there been in Germany - none as far as I know (Now would that have been justified?).

What an affront, the modern state of Israel must be to your average JO-Muslim - Israel is modern, its democratic, its people live in prosperity, and considering Israel is surround by its sworn enemies, they have an amazing level of freedom- in 50 years they have turned a desert shithole into an ultra modern, democratic, nuclear power. What have the Arab Muslims done, squandered the oil money on gold toilets and tall buildings (editor "calm down!) oppression, poverty and evil is the norm in most other Muslim dominated countries. OK! Turkey and Malaysia seem OK, so its not all bad news..

Churchill said "jaw jaw not war war" unfortunately Islam is anti free speech, so war is probably the only option open to them. We must make them accept the concept of free speech, warts and all, or else we are all going to go down to Hell. Your editor feels much better now, thanks!..
.............................................. ...........
So where are we now? Another clash of two civilisations ? One tolerant and free, the other ignorant, bigoted, and enslaved by a backward religion called Islam, a religion that has been misinterpreted and usurped by fanatics. A billion, ill-educated and unsophisticated peasants screaming for your blood.
It's unfortunate for us, and by us, I mean all citizens of western democracies, that we have become so weak and muddled, that we have allowed our freedoms to be seriously subverted by liberal politicians, corrupt oil- rich middle eastern countries, and a mass media that is cowardly, and in the main controlled by guilt-ridden, politically correct Stalinist hags (BBC)and even more pathetic, profit driven man weasels (News International).
If we don't wake up soon, everything we hold dear will be lost forever, as a new dark age gradually descends over the western world.

Keep it simple - what happens if you placate a bully? does he/she go away? No! I don't think so. If we keep placating Islam, it's not going to say, OK guys, now we can all live in peace together. No f***ing way, it's going to say YOU DO IT OUR WAY or you are f**ing dead.
A red neck's view - so now I am living in UISA "United Islamic States of America". I can have two wives, beat them and abuse them. Divorce them with a chant, cover my pretty daughters in black from head to foot, chop the heads off murderers and rapists - stone to death my cheating wife "bitch". Cut the hands off the little bastard who stole my RV - bring it on. "Allahu Akbar".
Now praying five times a day could be a little tedious - but handy when at work, an extra break or two would be quite nice and that great long beard "cool".
So for men, living under Islam, it's not going to be so bad. For liberated western woman, it's not looking too good.
Your comment's to:

A few more Mohammed's

More proof that Microsoft pulled a fast one when designing this windings font ? or something far more sinister.
send your interpretation to the

.................... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL

Jesus Cartoon (Says it all ?)
......... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
Mohammed "Harrods"
...... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
Mohammed "Evil 911 mastermind"
....... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL

Mohammed & Muhammed
..... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
Mohammed - the Mastermind of 911
.......... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
........... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL
Mohammed 911 mass murderer
......... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL

...... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL

Mohammed "Bagdad bob"
..... trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL

And the most startling of all the Muhammeds
... . trasport for London Ken Livingstone TfL.
Mustafa Muhammed







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